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Double Band: Tal Janes x Yusuf Ahmed & The Day Goes**First set: Tal Janes x Yusuf Ahmed**From a generation of musicians who have unlimited access to music from all over the world, guitarist Tal Janes and drummer Yusuf Ahmed create a platform in which they can improvise and freely explore their instruments and the music the collectively love. **Second Set: The Day Goes**THE DAY GOES play dramatically dynamic driving force of uplifting space dubbed jazz tones featuring Dave De Rose, Dario Rossetti Bonell and Yusuf Ahmed. Doors at 6pmMusic from 7pm£ Pay what you want



John Johanna (live, full band)

Following on from 'I'll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes' 12"A new album is close to completion. Expect a full band show tonight full of big tunes !

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Samuel Deschamps

You may know him from the days fronting London's deviant Pop group La Shark. Delighted to get the chance to hear new repertoire.More info to come on all the above£5 on the door




Directed by Steven Martin82 minutesIn EnglishWhat is the link between Portishead, 50s sci-fi films, Stereolab and the Beach Boys? The amazing but little known Leonard Theremin: a Russian engineer who moved to America some years after the revolution. One of his many inventions was a musical instruments called the theremin: a mysteriously ethereal contraption consisting of only a small box and an antenna which the musician plays with her hands in mid-air, without touching the instrument at all. Leon Theremin pioneered lots of other inventions, but suddenly disappeared from New York in 1938, never to be seen again. What happened to him was a mystery. At least it was until film director Steven Martin started doing research on him, leading him on a journey to find out what happened to this once legendary artist/scientist. THEREMIN: An Electronic Odyssey was the winner of Sundance's Filmmakers Trophy and it explores the inventor's strange life and times. The result is a mind-blowing documentary.

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20 SEPT Setpiece Alex Ward Item 4 (Ward/Keeffe/Willberg/Lisle)ALEX WARD ITEM 4:Alex Ward - clarinet/guitar/compositionsCharlotte Keeffe - trumpet/flugelhornOtto Willberg - double bassAndrew Lisle - drumsItem 4 is composer and improviser Alex Ward's latest group, and forms the second term in his Item Series (following on from the large ensemble Item 10). It features several of the most idiosyncratic and distinctive improvisers on the current UK scene. In writing for the group, Alex's aim was to exert as minimal limitation on the players' interaction and invention as possible, while still giving rise to a music distinct from that which would come about through pure improvisation - in this case, the means to achieving this was a conception of compositional materials as akin to emotional landmarks in an otherwise wide-open terrain... concentrates of melodic/harmonic information whose structural and affective characteristics resonate through the musical whole without controlling or defining it



______OPEN WINDOWS #8_________

Real real special and deep in the zone + surround PA sisteme ::::with:::::

< < MIKKOLA > >

< < DANE LAW > >

< < LUCY A SAMES > >

< < OW DJs > >

__ Evening long escape __

~~ Deep sounds throughout ~~

¥¥ Foot music later & late ¥¥

••• Smoke, rhythm, contrast •••

+++++ JUMP ON +++++



Why Jazz w/ Aaron Dilloway x inzane johnny DJs at SE

TFollowing the second night of the Wolf Eyes Music 2018 residency at Café OTO, we've invited Aaron Dilloway and John Olson AKA inzane johnny down the road to SET to play some melters post gig.Wolf boys on the decks, what could go wrong?Local DJs warming up prior.

£5 on the door



Movement/Possession #01 Dreams and Re-Awakening Join us this September, for the launch of our new performance programme at SET.

Movement/Possession is a platform for experimentation, that is movement driven and informed by the spontaneity of play.Featuring performances of (up to) 15 minutes of movement or dance - juxtaposing sound and its impact on the body, and subsequent correspondences between the two.


Promoting diversity, inclusivity and liberation within public environments, we will examine the function of dance as a resistance to social constraints that are imposed upon us.Dancers and performers from all disciplines are invited to develop and practice choreography through open rehearsals and bimonthly showcases.Incorporating elements of liminality, mysticism and ritualised action, the first session is themed around Dreams and Re-Awakening.


#01 DREAMS AND RE-AWAKENINGTravelling through the interiorEphemeral landscapes and envisioned futuresThe anaesthetic quality of hallucinationsAwakening a depth of pure feeling






Including video work by Holly Hunter / choreography by Isa Rakel and Sim Gray. Soundtrack by FEMUR. Filmed at Capstan House studios.+ Poster by James Burgess

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