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Manoeuvres (2019, Morgan Tipping)

It's still banging in 2019 (2019, Mitchell Vowles)

Word of Mouth

Open 6 - 26 July 2019, Tuesday-Sunday, 12-6pm

PV 5th July, 6:30-9:30pm

Word of Mouth' features two specially produced films shown in an environment that evokes rave space and attitude.

'It’s still banging in 2019' excavates online representations of youth cultures montaged on a timeline that explores how the romance of the future has been replaced by the romance of the past.

'Manoeuvres' is a digital film projection that explores contemporary experiences of working culture through a roaming atmospheric landscape.

Referencing the Kinks song and lyrics, Word of Mouth invites you to question ‘who are they to say the things they do?’

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Morgan Tipping

Employing humour, improvisation and collaboration, my work is informed by diverse social structures and institutional frameworks and I am directly influenced by the people I work with. Since graduating from CSM, Byam Shaw in 2006, my work has taken me to care homes, refugee camps, Slovenian Zavod’s, schools in India and Ghana and UK colleges and universities. >

Mitchell Vowles

Mitchell Vowles’ work is constructed intuitively around pre-existing objects and their subjective meaning. His work plays with self-referentiality and ideas of inner psychology, while the personal narrative of the Artist is explored fundamentally in attempts to broaden artistic comment. Observation of consumerism, subculture and class are examined as a way to understand how we are products of our unique localities. >

Do The Twist

Open 10 - 30 May 2019

PV 9th May, 6-8pm

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María de  la O Garrido

María de la O Garrido was born and raised in Andalucía (Spain) and moved to England in 2011, where she completed her MA Photography at Central Saint Martins in 2016 being the recipient of the Jane Rapley Scholarship. She lives and works in London, where currently combines her practice with a number of different jobs in order to survive the chaotic capitalism which involves her and you. >

Maria de la O Garrido and Shonagh Short are the resident artists of Kahoon Projects' first round of conversations about social class.

They have explored their experiences of the class system through different facets of abstract space, including spatial metaphor and colour. The exhibition envisions this space as a site of resistance to confront critical questions around social class and mobility; capital in all its forms; and belonging. It takes the form of an immersive installation, a playful invitation to navigate a conceptual realm as a metaphor for social structures that “organise and qualify socially as rise or decline, entry (inclusion) or exit (exclusion), bringing together or distancing in relation to a central and valued site” – Bourdieu

DO THE TWIST refers to those small but symbolic subversive acts that chip away at the system from within, temporarily reconfiguring the terrain. The Twist is a dance, a strategy, an unexpected narrative development, a tool of emancipatory potential, an interruption, a transgression, an instruction: “let’s do the twist until we tear the house down”

Shonagh Short

Shonagh Short is a socially engaged artist from Lancashire whose work aims to challenge the stigma associated with social housing. Using an ethnographic approach she collaborates with working-class communities to develop participatory projects, performances and interventions which explore ideas of class, gender and inequality.


Maria de la O + Shonagh Short

© Tim Bowditch


Morgan Tipping + Mitchell Vowles

Kahoon 1 Exhibition opens May 2019

Kahoon 2  Exhibition opens July 2019


SET Alscot Road SE1 3AW


Oxford Brookes University and SET present KAHOON PROJECTS, a discursive platform that examines working-class identity in the 21st century through contemporary art practice. Kahoon Projects consists of a series of collaborative, interdisciplinary residencies in which, for one month, two artists are paired to develop a conversation and create new work about social class.

Kahoon Projects exemplifies Oxford Brookes University and SET’s commitment to supporting emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. This project aims to give them the opportunity to expand and strengthen their vision and practice. This first round of Kahoon Projects has welcomed Michael Dean (Turner Prize nominee 2016), and Nick Lee (Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London, and co-director of the Peckham Pelican) in mentoring roles. The newly formed Working Class Artist Network (aka WANK Collective) has also taken an active role in this first round of conversations.

Kahoon Projects borrows its name from the painter Robert Colquhoun (1914-1962) and foregrounds Dr Alexandra Bickley Trott’s research on contemporary artists from working-class backgrounds (The Working-Class Avant-Garde, OLH Special Collection, forthcoming). Kahoon Projects serves as an entry point to consider how issues of class continue to affect artists working today.

The exhibitions are intertwined with a programme of performances, workshops and public talks.