Application for Subsidised Film and Photo Shoots 

We offer a subsidised rate for film and photo shoots to projects we want to support. 


This is can be up-to 50% off - but will vary a little depending on the space and project. Please bear in mind spaces are costly to run, and we will still have to cover overheads, so prices may still not be feasible even on a subsidised rate.

In the instance where you are planning to apply for funding for your project, you can apply and receive confirmation of the subsidised rate before submitting your application - listing the support from SET as support in kind.  

If you are granted a subsidised rate we will ask you to acknowledge the support in your credits or press release.  

Who can apply: 

a) Non-commercial projects:

  • Self-funded projects 
  • Projects funded or supported by a funding body 
  • Projects that aim make positive change 
  • Educational or skill share projects 

b) Emerging artists, film makers or photographers:

  • Those who are just starting their careers and have no budget, or have only been allocated a small budget, for the development of their project. 


Who cannot apply: 


Commercial projects: 

  • Advertisements, editorial or brands 
  • Big budget TV or film  
  • Projects that have the financial capability to pay the higher rate. 


To apply please contact, who will then pass on application questions if we feel your project fits the criteria.

We will aim to get back to you within 5 days from receipt of your application.