We’re excited to share the second episode of “All Purpose Filla” a new podcast from SET Radio! 

In this series, we will record conversations between people who are in some way linked to SET. We want to capture the feeling of a studio visit while allowing artists and friends to share their experiences and talk about their work. Through these conversations, we hope to eventually create an organic document encompassing SET’s wider artistic communities. 

This episode features artists Maria Mahfooz and Tawfik Naas in conversation discussing their artistic practices, inspirations, friendship and MORE. 

You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you find your podcasts.

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This episode was produced by Amina Ali and Charlie Goodall, with music and mixing also by Charlie Goodall. Additional thanks to Daniel Gatenio, Verity Monroe, Ellie Dobbs and Roland-Fischer Vousden.

Full reference notes and links from the podcast are listed below: 

Trigger Warning: This episode contains language that references racist experiences.