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Tuesday 12th November 2019


Rubber Walrus

Rubber Walrus is a musical trio of Joseph Costi, Harry Christelis, and Yusuf Ahmed. Three musicians who share a key focus on textural and spacial experimentation within their music. The group was formed in 2018 through their mutual love of The Beatles, and a desire to interpret The Beatles' compositions as a unique expression. One that reflects their love of jazz tradition, and free improvisation.

Open from 18.00 - 22.30


Wednesday 13th November 2019


The Private Sector & Organised Scum

Join us for a night of perpendicular musical entertainment, audiovisual glee and psychedelic improvisation.

Brighton's The Private Sector tackle the grim state of contemporary media and British politics via satirical songs and hyperreal video projections. They describe their quest as one that "...rekindles the natural anarchistic impulses of art".

Playing alongside The Private Sector, are Organised Scum, described by Steve

Lamacq as a "Surprisingly polished sound for a band called Organised Scum" Their new EP 'one less bastard' was released 8th November 2019 on all good streaming platforms.

Open from 18.30 - 22.30

Tickets here

Thursday 14th November 2019


CHAOS THEORY presents Drekka / Mother Disorder

An immersive evening of multimedia performance, sound art and improvised movement.

Featuring the industrial cassettes, ambient field soundscapes, and expansive cinematic textures of Drekka (USA)

And the quartz crystal, body contact mic'd, looping, conceptual electronica of Mother Disorder

Open from 18.00 - 23.00

£8 TICKETS here

£10 on the door

Saturday 16th November 2019


Club Mutante with Sense Fracture, Maxwell Sterling + Kenichi Iwasa

Club Mutante bring a night of live music featuring

Sense Fracture (Haunter Records)

Haunter co- founder, DJ, producer and writer Francesco Birsa Alessandri, under his Sense Fracture alias, launches a call to arms to all resisting forces and collective efforts for progress, freedom and equality, riding a punishing, uncompromising sound through an unquiet harmonic body: hard-edged yet unapologetic about its own vulnerability. The dancefloor’s potential for political affirmation and the ambivalent nature of escapism are the forces that sharpen the Fracture. Channeling the writings of Kathy Acker, Amy Ireland and Mark Fisher as well as bits of rave extremism, breakcore, dub, grime and trap, Alessandri aims to reflect and infect reality by challenging the structure of conventional club narratives. It is by enhancing the nonlinear, abrasive qualities dwelling between the beats that They build a critique of language and power relations.

Maxwell Sterling & Kenichi Iwasa (The Death of Rave - Stolen Recordings)

Kenichi Iwasa and Maxwell Sterling first began playing music together with Naima Karlsson and Neneh Cherry, celebrating the art and music of Don and Moki Cherry. Through their love of improvised music and interest in obfuscating genres and traditions, they began collaborating on various performances- from catwalk shows for Louise Gray, to performance work with Linder Sterling. Kenichi Iwasa is known for his legendary Krautrock Karaoke night as well as being a sought after collaborator throughout Europe. Maxwell Sterling is a composer and sound artist, releasing his debut album, ‘Hollywood Medieval’ in 2017.

Broshuda (Haunter Records)

Cross-pollinating a wide textural range of influences, Broshuda's music incorporates elements of sound art, electroacoustic techniques, chopped spoken word dissections and field recorded material, as well as more rhythmically oriented and noise-heavy excursions. Though kaleidoscopically varied, the work is held together by a playful sense of experimentation and a willingness to explore new directions of sound through an experimental approach and the use of freeform production techniques to expand and further his already broad sonic palette.

Ewa Awe (NRG)

To Live & Die in Rayleigh

To Live and Die in Rayleigh is the distillation of two young, virile Essex lads who've interpreted the grey dying new towns, the slick flawless haircuts, and the lads and lasses of the aforementioned British province, through harsh electronics and an undying love for classic rock n roll anthems such as Baba O'Riley. Equal parts necessary and irrelevant, this live show is the closest you'll probably get to picking up off Mitch Barnes without having his number.

Open from 18.00 - 02.30

£5 OTD

Sunday 17th November 2019

Sunday 1st December 2019 (sold out)

Sundat 8th December 2019 (sold out)


Haruki Murakami Screenings

DEEPER INTO MOVIES brings 3 screenings of Haruki Murakami films to SET Dalston.

Haruki Murakami is not only arguably the most experimental Japanese novelist to have been translated into English, he is also the most popular, with sales in the millions worldwide. His greatest novels inhabit the liminal zone between realism and fable, whodunit and science fiction

Deeper Into Movies takes a deep dive into the the surreal and enchanting world of Haruki Murakami with a selection of rarely seen documentaries and short film adaptations.

Tickets here

Screenings from 3pm-6pm

Sunday 17th November 2019 from 18:00


The Drawing Club Presents OH MY GOB An Evening of Words

Join us at SET for the newest literary evening from The Drawing Club

OH MY GOB' s line up includes...

Kemastry > One third of CMPND, the newest rap collective from High Focus sharing some spoken word

Lily Ashley > Poet, Actor & Musician

Isabella Bornholt > Poet and founder of The Drawing Club. has performed at institutions such as Tate & ICA. Isabella will be performing new material

Jack bennett > Balcony's guitarist will be reading some of his poems

Bellaray Bertrand-Webb > Assistant Producer at Bridge Theatre and writer from West London

Starts at 6pm


Monday 18th November 2019


Y-Otis + Julian Sartorius, Dan Nicholls

░F░R░E░E░ ░M░O░V░E░M░E░N░T░S░ ░@░ ░L░O░N░D░O░N░ ░J░A░Z░Z░ ░F░E░S░T░I░V░A░L░


░░░ Y-Otis ░░░
Otis Sandsjö (sax)
Frans Petter Eldh (bass)
Tilo Weber (drums)
Dan Nicholls (keyboards)

░░░ Julian Sartorius//Dan Nicholls ░░░
Julian Sartorius (drums)
Dan Nicholls (synths/sampling)

Open from 6pm - 11pm

Tickets here

Tuesday 19th November 2019


Parallel Lines Presents Dog in the Snow

Dreamy, dancey, contemplative pop from Dog in the Snow.

Support from Collect Call and Semi Precious

William Doyle

Live visuals by Sapphire Goss - Artist/Filmmaker

Open from 18.00 - 23.00

Tickets here

Wednesday 20th November 2019


SET Piece Allsopp/Brice/Noble, Tasos Stamou & Bill Thompson

SET's regular experimental music night curated by Sebastian Silas, this month features:

Tasos Stamou is an electroacoustic music composer and performer, alternative electronic music instrument maker, tutor and sound technologist. During a decade of sound performances and recordings, Tasos Stamou has developed a unique style of live electroacoustic music composition. Long and continuous pieces are created in situ using a “portable electroacoustic music studio”. His work explores the space between ancient and contemporary transcendental music, using both traditional and advanced media. His gear consists of acoustic (prepared strings, reeds, recorders, objects) and electronic instruments (self-made electronics, modular synthesizer system and live processed feedback loops). Based on sustained tonal textures and free improvised instrumental solos, his live compositions create a particular and unique atmosphere of ritual noise.

Bill Thompson is a sound artist and composer. His work is concerned with various aspects of perception and embodied presence. Using found objects, field recordings, repurposed electronics and digital media, his installations encourage active attention to each moment. He applies this same strategy within his compositions which often include sustained tones, densely layered textures and indeterminate or improvised structures. Although trained as a guitarist, Thompson has worked primarily with live electronics for 20 years. In 2016, he returned to guitar (by Moog) combined with miscellaneous table top devices, found objects, flashing lights, and the occasional vibrator.

James Allsopp is a multi-instrumentalist and composer, he first came to public attention leading a band called "Fraud" which made an album shortlisted for the 2007 BBC Jazz Award for best record, brought him some critical acclaim, the 2008 BBC Jazz Award for Innovation, and the Ronnie Scott Award for Best New Act. He now focuses on leading his quintet "The Golden Age of Steam" which has made two albums the first one as a trio and the second in the new quintet format, it is an exciting circus of the psychedelic which can do just about anything, veering between delicate ambient textures, stomping punk freak outs and intricately woven contrapuntal textures.

Olie Brice is a double bassist, improviser and composer. He leads the Olie Brice Quintet, described by Richard Williams as “one of the most interesting and satisfying bands on the current UK scene”. The Olie Brice Quintet have released two albums, ‘Immune to Clockwork’ in 2014 and ‘Day After Day’ in 2017. He also leads an improvising trio, Somersaults, featuring Tobias Delius and Mark Sanders.

Steve Noble is London's leading drummer, a fearless and constantly inventive improviser whose super-precise, ultra-propulsive and hyper-detailed playing has galvanized encounters with Derek Bailey, Matthew Shipp, Ishmael Wadada, Leo Smith, Stephen O'Malley, Joe McPhee, Alex Ward, Rhodri Davies and many, many more. In the early eighties, Noble played with the Nigerian master drummer Elkan Ogunde, Rip Rig and Panic, Brion Gysin and the Bow Gamelan Ensemble, before going on to work with the pianist Alex Maguire and with Derek Bailey (including Company Weeks 1987, 89 and 90). He was featured in the Bailey's excellent TV series on Improvisation for Channel 4 based on his book ‘Improvisation; its nature and practise’. He has toured and performed throughout Europe, Africa and America and currently leads the groups N.E.W (with John Edwards and Alex Ward) and DECOY (with John Edwards and Alexander Hawkins).

Suggested donations on the door: £5 or A Bank of England Note of your choice.

Thursday 21st November 2019


Pen-Ting Vol.24 Reflections ft. Carpetface & Zahrah Sheikh

Regular open mic poetry night Pen-Ting is back with volume number 24. Featuring:

ZAHRAH SHEIKH, a British Pakistani poet from Ilford. Zahrah is a member of Octavia (a women of colour collective lead by Rachel Long) based at Southbank and an alumnus of the #BarbicanYoungPoet and Apples and Snakes #WritingRoom programmes. Her writing mainly explores prayer, the self, the weight of an action and silence. Zahrah has featured at the National Poetry Library and was a part of the poetry album Let Me Out My Room Please produced by Bump Kin.

CARPETFACE (Adam Carpetface Russell) born Wembley, UK, who, after first appearing on MTV and taking the underground London scene by storm in 2002 has released records steadily to critical acclaim as an emcee, social activist, multi-instrumentalist, and UK Hip Hop artist.

Performances are followed by an open night and CYPHER's post show. There are 10 Open Mic tickets available in advance, and if you don't get a slot ahead of time, arrive at 6:30 to sign up on the door. (7 spots available OTD, plus reserves)

CYPHER (POST-SHOW). The rap cypher is space for anyone to shoot their shot and spit their piece over a selection of beats from DJs. The PTP Cypher takes place after the main event until 11pm, hosted by The Repeat Beat Poet.

CONTACT Peng-Ting here

Open from 6:30-11:00pm

Cost: £7.50 standard (£3 Open Mic’ers)

Tickets here

Friday 22nd November 2019


Fall Off The Grid

This is the first in a series of events highlighting obscure music from between the cracks of the past alongside forgotten favourites and other lesser heard gems; expect postpunk, minimal synth, italo, kraut, synthpop featuring ELLA, MARVEL, SAM & ANWAR

Open 6pm-2am


Saturday 23rd November 2019


Free Movements DnB Trips with Ario, Dave De Rose, Adam Betts + more

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ FREEMO goes DNB █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

Regular improvised music night Free Movements is back with a drum n bass special (and other trips!)

Ario / DJ set (Astral Industries)
Adam Betts / drums (Goldie/Squarepusher)
Dave De Rose / drums (Agile Experiments)
Dan Nicholls / synths+sampling (Goldie/Squarepusher)
Hanzo / visuals
Talk /Q+A

Open from 18.00 - 02.00

Tickets here

Sunday 24th November 2019


Francesca Woodman + Sally Mann

DEEPER INTO MOVIES provides another afternoon of curated film at SET in Dalston, this time presenting two documentary portraits.

The tragic story of Francesca Woodman, a young photographer renowned for her extraordinary self-portraits, is also the story of her brilliantly artistic family. With THE WOODMANS, By piecing together Francesca's photos, never-before-seen experimental videos and personal journals, and through candid conversations with George and Betty Woodman, Charlie Woodman and a host of friends, Willis depicts four lives committed to art and whose art lives through them. It is an extraordinary debut film that explores what it truly means to create.

Sally Mann: Filmed at her Virginia farm, Mann is surrounded by her husband and now-grown children, and her willingness to reveal her artistic process allows the viewer to gain exclusive entrance to her world. Never one to compromise, she reflects on her own personal feelings about mortality as she continues to examine the boundaries of contemporary art. Spanning five years, What Remains contains unbridled access to the many stages of Mann's work, and is a rare glimpse of an eloquent and brilliant artist.

Screenings from 3pm-6pm

Tickets here

Monday 25th November 2019


The Holotropics EP Launch

The Holotropics ‘Zazen’ EP launch at SET. A totally improvised gig inspired by the legacy of Miles Davis' electric music and the genre hopping sounds of London’s contemporary jazz scene.

Sam Ritchie - Trumpet
Maria Chiara Argiro - Piano
Tal Janes - Guitar
Marco Quarantotto - Drums
Christopher Barrett - Tuba

Open 6:30-10:30pm

Tickets here

Wednesday 27th November & Friday 29th November 2019


This is Wonderland The Immersive Queer Show

You have been personally invited to the Mad Hatter's tea party!

L'Archiduchesse, Karma and Petty Nonsense present THIS IS WONDERLAND, an immersive queer show full of drag performances, cabaret melodies, puzzling games and maybe even a chance for you to get on the stage. Follow the White Rabbit's instructions down his own East London rabbit hole, and embark on a journey where you decide the outcome.... if you can keep your head on! Starring Max Legroom, Miss Disney, Gail Bait and Kate Butch as your favourite Wonderland creatures ready to challenge you.

Will you be worthy of meeting the Queen of Hearts? Will you make it to the tea party on time? Will you help Wonderland become the peaceful place it once used to be? No really, what could go wrong?

Wednesday 27th November: Open 8-11pm

Friday 29th November: Open 8pm-2am

Tickets here

Thursday 28th November 2019


Anteloper// Mount Forel// Bladderwrack


"Smart indie with sensitive synths, obstinate keys and unpredictable vocals"

Mount Forel

"Mount Forel are the soundtrack to your lucid dreams"


"Like Tom Waits channelling The Fall, this shit is not pretty."

Open from 18.00 - 22.30

£5 OTD

Saturday 30th November 2019


PUX 001

Join us for the first ever PUX event. PUX are a collective of five friends with a keen interest (mild obsession) in electronic music. Keen to add to the party scene, they come to SET to share music they love with people they love.

Line up includes

Seven Hills Records
Loa Szala (Sticky Plastik)
Connor Male (Malebox) b2b Jonny Sleight (Butter Side Up)
Pux Djs

Open from 18.00 - 06.00

Tickets here

Tuesday 3rd December 2019


Mieko Shimizu performs 'I Bloom' Live

One of Japan’s most prolific musical exports, Mieko Shimizu performs songs from her latest album I Bloom. Featuring her signature electronica avante-garde style, she resonates haunting melodies and challenging modular-synth-laden landscapes, clashing rhythms and layers to collision-sublime!

Support from

Halina Rice (female electronica artist)

Masal featuring electronic harpist Ozlem Simsek and DJ Phil Winter of Tunng / Wrangler / Creepshow / Dead Endz

Open from 18.00 - 23:00

Tickets here

Wednesday 4th December 2019


Pétra & Hinako Omori

PéTRA is a new collaboration between Brian Allen Simon (aka Anenon) and Chantal Chadwick. The duo’s debut album Aunis (released September 2019), incorporated ambient soundscapes and abstract vibrations. Written, performed, produced, and recorded on the volcanic island of Nisyros, Greece, the project was inspired by the photography of Daniel Boudinet, and the geological topology of the island. 

HINAKO OMORI is a London-based musician from Japan with a love for synthesizers and interesting sounds. As a pianist/keyboard player and programmer, Hinako has worked with artists like Georgia, Kate Tempest, KT Tunstall, James Bay, Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Ellie Goulding. Auraelia is the first time Hinako has released an EP of her own. After delving into a hard drive of instrumental archive material, a hazy, transformational sound was born.

Open from 18.00 - 22.30

Tickets here

Thursday 12th December 2019


Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue are London-via-Brighton indie duo Rosa Slade and Katy Young. Founded in 2007, the band have released three albums on Wichita Recordings, and toured with the likes of Jack White, Local Natives and First Aid Kit. After a three year break - during which Rosa and Katy have been performing with all-female Deep Throat Choir - their new album Slow Fade is an apt comeback, as a melancholy celebration of patience. With sounds that conjure a hazy breakup feeling, one that hangs lazily, over the days you know you aren't ok yet.

Open from 18.00 - 23.00

Tickets here



Reading Room open appointment only - roland@setspace.uk


SET Wimbledon Studio Viewings 



SET Wimbledon is a 6000 sq ft light industrial warehouse, seven minutes walk from Earlsfield station. The site is a former woodwork shop so perfectly suited for a variety of practices with ample natural light. Studios have access to a shared outside area and are currently open-plan. As always, members can build walls where needed.

Sizes | Pricing | Terms

Smallest available units - 200sq ft (£200)
Spaces under 500 sqft are priced @ £1 per sqft pcm
Spaces over 500 sqft are priced @ £0.9 per sqft pcm

1 month free | £100 deposit | first month paid in advance
1 year guaranteed | 2 month rolling
All bills included


1-3 Wellington Works, London, SW19 8EQ *ACCESS FROM DAWLISH AVENUE ONLY*

Nearest Station Earlsfield


Saturday 26th October - Saturday 30th November


Volcanoes & Regret

Exhibition open by appointment only: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-18:00 (closed Mondays). Please email: roland@setspace.uk and finlayramsay@gmail.com in advance for access.

Volcanoes & Regret is the culmination of a three-year project that pivots around the act of burning human regrets in volcanoes. 

First undertaken in 2017 when Ramsay drove from the north of Scotland to mt Etna in his old Volvo, Vulva, then again in 2018 on the remote volcanic peninsula of Kamchatka,

Volcanoes & Regret is George's first solo exhibition. It includes films, a publication, a live sound installation & Vulva encased in a volcano proof suit.

The project brings together artists, each responding to the project in their own inimitable way.

George will be collaborating with Nina Lopez for the sculptural installation V is for Volvo, Vulva, Volcano, and with Erik Perera to create Volcano Lover, 

a sonic installation responsive to live volcanic data using an array of sound making machines, often of domestic and/or geological bent.


The latter will continue to develop throughout the exhibition period.

Two main events (eruptions) will aim to both elucidate and obscure the work with live performances, talks, screenings and so on.

EVENT: 26 October: First Eruption — 

7pm - midnight

an evening of ritual, music, audio visual collage, poetry and southern Italian food. 

George will be joined by renowned eco poet CA Conrad, electronic composer Coby Sey, video artists Rebecca Salvadori & Leah Walker and poet & sound artist Nasim Luczaj. 

It will be an evening of new live work made in response to the project.

A celebration of weakness as strength.

WORKSHOP: 23rd November: Volcanoes & Regret: Unfold YR Own Myth


A free workshop around creativity and ritual, involving burning / re birthing unfinished, unrealised and failed projects led by artist George Finlay Ramsay. The workshop combines Pauline Oliveros' Sonic Meditations, Feldenkrais, a somatic awareness practice, techniques from psychotherapy and creativity practices, plus some created by the artist. The workshop will culminate in a ceremony for the projects that didn't make it (yet).

Bring mats, comfortable clothes & objects that relate to unrealised projects. This workshop is open to anyone who is interested, please get in touch if you have any questions. Please book via the eventbrite link as places are limited:

EVENT: 27th November: Last Eruption


an evening of talks and screenings. 

Including a talks from volcanologist Prof. David Pyle, (and others tba) 

and films Book of Regrets: For Kamchatka and the PBS documentary about legendary volcanologists, Katia & Maurice Krafft ‘The Volcano Watchers’. 

Accompanied with vodka.


76-89 Alscot Rd, SE1 3AW London

Thursday 14th - Sunday 24th November 2019: open on weekends 12-6pm


The Time I Thought that the Devil Actually Wore Prada

Part of SET Members' Programme, Francisco Zhan's The Time I Thought that the Devil Actually Wore Prada is a solo exhibition of the artists work.

At the Sauna
Stool slips
Floor slaps
Stabs spine
Sets it to stone

I don’t get sick pay
I might still be able to do my next booking

Dragged into the ambulance
Receiving painkillers instead of a dismissal letter
What’s your name?
I've never had this many painkillers
Are you male or female?
I've never had this many painkillers
Emergency contact?
I've never had this many painkillers in my life
Yeah we give this stuff to women in labour it's strong

summertime sadness
Meat as painkiller not addressing the real problem
I’m a veggie eating an emotional ham and cheese toastie
On the runway

I mean in the waiting room
Turning a blind eye to my income falling short
And still not having enough work
To be buying toasties

Left is right

Right is wrong
I don't get sick pay
Right is left
And right is wrong
Why don’t I get more painkillers

Receiving a dismissal letter instead of 6 painkillers
Signed Sauna Boss
Sent to Manager’s Manager as photo
Forwarded to me via text


Like a love resignation letter
To someone I hate hating
Posturing as a love letter

I wanted to be a cake
But you didn't want to bake it

I shoot an arrow then paint the bullseye
But Wait don't shoot the messenger
Or else she’ll eat my sandwich
And my homework
Then you replied
Yea is really painful
I hope u are okay However also
Story reminds of me Japanese
厄落とし or 厄払い which work for
Bad luck exorcize your accumulated bad luck

Artist Biography

Francisco Zhan (b. Portugal, works London) is a visual artist working predominantly with ceramics and drawing. Francisco draws from the traditions of painted sculpture to revise queer affects in Western histories, in a practise of self-ethnography.

Sources of inspiration include coloured ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, gay saunas, Roman bathhouses, tomb art, decorative arts, drag, Shanzhai fashion, snails'reproductive system, mimesis in nature and gay teachers.


Unit 1, Lewisham Retail Park, Loampit Vale, SE13 7RZ
(Former Mothercare Store on the corner of Thurston Road and Loampit Vale)

Preview Thursday 14th November 18.00 - 21.00

Open on weekends 12-6pm


Saturday 23rd November 2019


Francisco Zhan: Ceramics Workshop

As part of 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘛𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘐 𝘛𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘋𝘦𝘷𝘪𝘭 𝘈𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘗𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘢, artist Francisco Zhan will be running a ceramics workshop.

Participants will experiment with making reliefs by painting and inscribing into wet plaster and taking an impression of its surface with a slab of soft recycled clay. These are then dried and fired, and can be taken home.

8 places are available

No previous experience necessary


Unit 1, Lewisham Retail Park, Loampit Vale, SE13 7RZ
(Former Mothercare Store on the corner of Thurston Road and Loampit Vale)

Tickets available here

From 17.00 - 19.30

Saturday 7th December - Friday 20th December 2019

Preview: Friday 6th December 6-9pm

Open weekends: 12-6pm and weekdays by appointment


Yang-En Hume: Duplicate State

Part of SET Members' Programme, Yang-En Hume's Duplicate State is a solo exhibition of the artist's work. The artist works with found objects, concerned with their "unknowable histories". She considers them "relics of anonymous lives, [which] become vessels for memories which can no longer be accessed." In her work, found lace and fabric become mnemonic archives that invite viewers to speculate and imagine.


Yang-En collects items from flea markets to explore how personal histories are remembered and constructed. She describes these markets as "fascinating places, displaying overwhelming amounts of intimate ephemera: family photographs, letters, fabric, needlework and domestic detritus. Laden with household miscellany, they personify the unseen domestic craft and labour that women have undertaken for centuries. Objects are passed from family homes to the market, to be found by chance by a passing stranger. Intimate details of lives are revealed, yet the people who once owned these objects remain anonymous. Their absent bodies are merely hinted at in worn photographs and yellowing scraps of lace."


The works in Duplicate State draw on this presence and absence of information. Yang-En has created solar photograms from pieces of fabric and lace sourced from flea markets. The result is delicate, partially obscured prints which reflect the way that a found object is merely the residue of a once tangible existence. The time sensitive nature of this work, along with unpredictable weather patterns impacts the exposure and clarity of the photograms. Chance is given a significant role in determining the outcome of these pieces. Creating duplicates of objects begins a process of degeneration, where information is lost, and the function of the objects change.


Digitally printed fabric builds upon the photograms. Translucent layers of tulle, organza and silk construct palimpsests that distort and erase the original image. These overlapping forms reference the history that is embedded within the surfaces of found objects. The concealed imagery, along with the use of fabric and embroidery takes on gendered connotations, hinting at the lives of ordinary women whose identities have been lost to history.



Artist Biography


Yang-En Hume is an Australian artist based in London. She graduated as dux with first class honours from the National Art School, Sydney in 2013. Hume has held several solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and has been shortlisted for various Australian prizes. She currently works from SET in Lewisham. In 2016, Hume was awarded the National Art School Paris Residency, receiving an Australia Council for the Arts ArtStart Grant and the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant to undertake the residency. Hume curated the exhibitions Pricked in 2016, Atrophy in 2014 and coordinated a team of forty volunteers for her 2016 exhibition, Diaspora. She was a team leader for the collaborative collage works, No Human Being is Illegal (In All Our Glory), organised by artist Deborah Kelly and presented as part of the 2014 Sydney Biennale.


Unit 1, Lewisham Retail Park, Loampit Vale, SE13 7RZ
(Former Mothercare Store on the corner of Thurston Road and Loampit Vale)


Every Monday since 11 March 2019 - Ongoing

Movement///Possession  @ SET LEWISHAM

Music, movement and performance project M///P  are permenantly in residency in SET LEWISHAM Unit 1, Lewisham Retail Park, Loampit Vale SE13 7RZ 

M///P hold weekly classes on Monday nights, from 7.15PM.  Focusing on practical dance techniques. Classs are hosted by dancer and musician Bianca Scout, and facilitated by performer Sim Gray, in association with bimonthly Movement///Possession  events. M///P's aim is to improve core strength and flexibility through consistent training methods, while emphasising creativity and personal artistry within traditional forms. Classes provide a welcoming space for non binary and QTIPOC people. In line with SET as a not for profit charity,, M///P functions as a co operative. This means all decisions are made as a group, and events have a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

£5 donation

Contact > movement.possession@gmail.com

Image by artist Natalie Kay Thatcher.