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An Afternoon of Performances on 4th Floor Exhibition Space

17 June 2023 @ 14:00 19:00

This evening is an exploration of the diverse kinds of relationships one can have to the world by means of our bodies and our different senses. 5 of the 10 artists in “De, desde, en, entre, hacia” will perform unique proposals and promise to deliver a multi-sensorial experience.

This is a pay what you can event. Link to tickets here.


2:00pm-2:45pm:Haptic Chant  (Rebeca Romero)

3:00pm-3:45pm:Association for caressing the caressable  (Lucía R)

4:00pm-4:45pm:Collective kneading of arepas + poetry recitation(José García Oliva)

5:00pm-5:45pm:Sonified textiles (Paola Torres Núñez del Prado)

6:00pm-6:45pm:Experimental sound concert  (Carolina Vélez Muñiz)

More Information:

1. Haptic Chant : Inspired by the use of ‘Icaros’, medicine, magic songs sung by shamans in South America during Ayahuasca ceremonies, Rebeca Romero’s fired-clay installation is activated through the use of a mixing console, pedal, microphone and an analog synthesiser. She seeks to “free” the voices of these objects, utilizing the chant as a connection device.

2. Association for caressing the caressable: A clay installation conceived by Lucía R composed of performatic actions in regards to the “caress” as a form of minuscule resistance. It integrates sounds and touch, and asks for the public’s active participation.

3. Collective kneading of Arepas + poetry recitation: Arepas are the slices of bread of this Venezuela without bread. The action of making arepas abroad approximates a physical and emotional nostalgia with corn flavour. José García Oliva summons both amateurs and experienced arepa-makers to knead the dough collectively, while talking about the social and political dimensions of this culinary tradition. We will recite Roxana Crisólogo’s Widow Arepa poem, which was written in response to Oliva’s piece. At the end of the performance, attendees will get to take the dough home.

4. Sonified textiles: The textile controllers utilized by Paola Torres Núñez del Prado for this performance are both works of art and devices that fall within the scope of Smart Textiles and innovate in the discipline of Human-Computer Interaction. Referring to forms of expression and thought that are not of Western heritage, its design proposes another approach to technology, where it is common to find devices made of metal or plastic, both in conventional electronic sound presentations and in more experimental ones.

5. Experimental sound concert: One of Carolina Vélez Muñiz’s area of expertise is textiles but she has also ventured into the experimental sound realm and has constructed her own sound systems, which she will use in this performance. She has invited Enrique Arriaga, also an experimental sound artist from Mexico, to collaborate on this occasion.

£10 (pay what you can)
Riverside House
London, SE18 6BU United Kingdom
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