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The Territories We Inhabit

18 June 2023 @ 11:30 13:30

This workshop, created by Aileen Gavonel, Fernanda Barreto, Lucía R and Sophia Sacal, places affectivity at the centre of our identity, our territories and our homes. We will invite families (both Latinx and from other communities) to draw a collective map without any visual reference, using only their memory and imagination. This will allow us to speak about the image that we have of Latin America, specifically, and we will question how it is that we can draw this territory from an affective place. We will also focus on giving kids the opportunity to answer questions such as: “Where are you from?” “Which territories have you inhabited?” “What have those places left you?” “How do you imagine your favorite place?”

After finalizing this first part, we will divide into groups and each one will work with a story, legend or myth of their choice. Each team will write down on a piece of paper the character, location and situation that they chose; all of these will be mixed together on a table, becoming the materials/elements for the construction of a collective tale. The workshop will end with an out-loud reading of the newly constructed story and a return to the affective territory drawn during the first part.

The workshop will be taught both in Spanish and in English.

Free – £10 (pay what you can)
Riverside House
London, SE18 6BU United Kingdom
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