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GOOD NIGHT FILM CLUB - MONDAYS - Film screenings from GOOD NIGHT FILM CLUB and more (please check below for details of each up and coming film)


SETpiece - THURSDAYS - weekly experimental music night check here for details



13 July

Ellipsis returns with a heavy lineup, treating you to the exhilarating industrial swagger of Silver Waves, coming from Bristol to bring his mesmerising new live set. Alis is a seasoned electronic musician, digging out deep grooves with a dancefloor swing, boasting a string of releases on Don't Be Afraid, Fifth Wall, Astro. Dynamics, PLUS100 Records and Infinite Machine!


Silver Waves (Live)

Alis Music (DJ)

Plus DJ support from Ben Vince & Yves.


9-2, £5 OTD Love is the message.

18 July


Capitol K - Goatherder Album Launch + Danalogue & Rasool 3000


Capitol K (Live)Goatherder is the 7th album in two decades of experimental output from London based musician, producer Capitol K. A fictional reimagining of a Mid-Mediterranean dance music. This latest work was developed and recorded in his native Malta, where he built a studio in a cave (a former goat stable). Exploring genetic memory and plant communication K gathered bamboo instruments, including an ancient Quechua reeded pipe, various resonating vessels, percussive objects, dry fennel storks collected from Punic troglodyte sites, and atonal flutes built from fresh cut farmland reed. Ritualistic improvisations took place over a series of seasonal visits. Back in London the tracks were interfaced and expanded with Industrial drum machine, bass guitar & New Age synthscapes.


Listen here: (live)Both in studio with his productions and on stage as part of Soccer96 and The Comet Is Coming, Danalogue is steadily building a reputation for his unique and inventive Synth work and keen creativity. 3000 (DJ)Kamal Rasool front man of the Flamingods, and selector of fine music from around the world.


£5 otd. adv ticket link up soon.

28 July


--- electric and instrumental trances ---


Dave De Rose(electric jalaba/moloko) // drumso.utlier (astral industries) // turntables

Dan Nicholls (squarepusher) // keyboards/modular synth

George Crowley Music (melt yourself down) // sax/fx+

dj setsfree before 10pm, £5 thereafter.


Queer Noise Club Party

# a psycho-social experiment #


Presenting the trans-formalities of body-technologies in a theoretical environment of mythological surrealism where to resist techno-capitalism. We are presenting artist in sound performance for the Queer Noise Club Party.


It consists in live sound performances + club party where to share & discuss about your art with the rhythms of queer music and dj’s.


Artists:Nicola Woodham | Esther Planas | Luke Jordan | Medial Ages DJs:Richard Crow | Bioni Samps | Ruido Carvalho

Ticket: £5


20:00 Doors

20:30 Luke Jordan (30 min live + 10 min break)

21:10 Nicola Woodham (30 min live + 10 min break)

21:50 Esther Planas (30 min live + 10 min break)

22:30 Medial Ages (30 min live + 10 min break)

23:10 Richard Crow DJ (30 min set

)23: 50 Bioni Samp DJ (1h set)

00:50 Ruido Carvalho DJ (1h set)


Artists:Luke Jordan

Nicola Woodham

Esther Planas

Medial Ages

Richard Crow

Bioni Samp


76 - 89 Alscot Road



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Studios, exhibitions and Reading Room


Alscot Reading Room SET


SET Reading Room is a curated selection of books focusing on the political, radical and LQBTQI+ histories of Bermondsey and Southwark. Co-curated by Amy Pennington, an associate member of SET and Southwark resident, The Alscot Road Reading Room is set to open on 18th July and is funded by the National Lottery. Look out for updates on weekly mailouts and social medias.




18 July


Come to SET to celebrate the opening of the SET Reading Room

Celebrations, drinks, readings.


SARRR brings together a collection of texts on the radical narratives of Bermondsey and beyond. This will also mark the launch of A42D, our first publication. Contributors will be invited to perform.The Reading room is being designed by Harry Bix (East Anglia Records) and Hannah Le Feuvre (Secret Branch). The poster has been designed by Nina Porter. Thanks for everyone involved and the Big Lottery Fund for the support and making this possible!


The Reading Room will be open to the public three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10:00-18:00


A42D: Call for Submissions***Submissions are ongoing***


VOLUME I: works spanning writing, drawing, photography, photocopy and more. A4-2D is a print-on-demand box-file that will bring together volumes of collected new works. Each volume will be compiled, in its entirety, into a special edition box-file which can be viewed at the Alscot Reading Room. Box-files will be available in editions of 100 per volume and will be on sale on a print-on-demand basis via the Alscot Road-based printers: PageMasters


OPEN CALL for A4-2D SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: •A maximum of 10 A4 pages per submission (no minimum/ no maximum words);•Two COLOUR submission (we can convert and will suggest colour combinations);•Artwork not to be within 5mm of the edge of A4 (to avoid bleed)•IMAGES - send in JPEG or PDF•TEXT - PDF or DOC (text can be set in InDesign or Illustrator but don't send images of text -i.e. Photoshop) https:7458/