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17 OCT


From 8pm 


Rue Bainbridge - a conversation between singing saw and live light drawing. Benton C Bainbridge’s custom video synths provide electronic calligraphy to Gryphon Rue’s arias and drones for saw and overtone singing. Saw and Synth enact a living sculpture of sound and light. Using a modified game console driven by modular synths, Bainbridge patches cables and coaxes voltages into waves of dynamic energy. Errant lines contort into startling arabesques, serpentine shapes and jagged animations, raw, soothing, ecstatic. Rue conjures mystifying voices from the saw, deceiving the ear with sounds verging on the anthropomorphic and synthesized; an aura of wonder and suspended disbelief



Vertical Foliage - a cross-Atlantic drone collaboration between Gryphon Rue and Heloise Tunstall-Behrens. Exploring extended spectral tones created by a bowed saw with polyphonic overtone singing.


19 OCT


SETfridays X Open Windows 




SETfridays, for dance directions and late night focus. For this hookup, Open Windows will handle the wheel to take in the deep depths of delirium, expanded electronics & interstellar dancefloor dream, this night we live.x.

<< Chooc Ly >>

<< hmurd (live) >>

<< Serafina Steer >>

<< OW djs >>


open_windows/// a journey into night // deep musics throughout // foot music later // smoke, rhythm, contrast //Read more and upcoming SETfriday's events here 


20th OCT


Batty Mama #6 - Generation Slay: HxStory In The Making

October 20th, 9pm-3am

Black, queer, immersive clubnight The Batty Mama returns for our Sixth event: "HxStory In The Making". A night of projections, films, performances, games and goodies. Wine to the sounds of HipHop, RnB, Bashment, Dancehall 90’s Jamz and all the bops. All night.We've something for everyone with immersive performance art, games and competitions, visual art and of course our signature soul train tunnels with Batty Buddies on hand for hugs, support, reassurance or reminders on how to start the Electric Slide. All night, projections of short films about black queer legends, icons and trailblazers. Not to mention, lipsync battles, to rate your battle dance and lapdance blind fold games.Our last Batty Mama of 2018 is a night where we we pay tribute to Black Queer Legends, Icons and Trailblasers of the past, present and fututre. Celebrating, archiving and sharing our experiences as a foundation for the next generation of Black queer, trans, non-binary and a-gender community. “Generation Slay” takes place at our new wheelchair accessible venue, SET dalston along with a subtitled outdoor film programme curated by Batty Mama co-founder Hakeem Kazeem, and our host of incredible BSL signers.



£5 concession, unwaged, low-income, shits tight right now

£10 full price

£15 on the door


*If you are a Black queer/Trans/nb person who can’t afford our concession ticket price, drop us a PM and we’ll put you on the guestlist

Photo copyright The Batty Mama, credit Angela Dennis.


22 OCT


The seventh BF Artist Film Festival is premiering at SET Dalston Lane


Now in it's third year, The BF Artist Film Festival was devised to offer artists working with moving image the opportunity to have their films watched in their entirety. Video art has a huge presence in degree shows, contemporary exhibitions and international biennales, but can often be overlooked in a gallery setting. The BF Artist Film Festival aims to address this by offering a critical platform for artists to showcase their work and develop new audiences. Open to national and international artists, The BF Artist Film Festival programme is selected via an un-themed open call that occurs three times annually.For more 


23 OCT


Brand New Moon Album Launch Party Same Page Records presents an evening of music to celebrate our first release, 'Difference & Repetition' - the debut album by Brand New Moon.The album will be available to buy on the night in the form of a limited edition cassette, download code included.Support comes from fellow label founders, Rob Shuttz and Rhosyn.








26 OCT


Halloween Special: SETfridays x Meat and Two Veg





Towards Collapse #4


Like that obsolete piece of technology you swear you chucked in a skip months ago but has inexplicably showed back up in your house, Towards Collapse is back! Setting up it's bric-a-brac stall of dysfunctional and put-you-on-a-downer sounds at SET, the CRT massive aim to bring you a night of outdated media set to a soundtrack that'll bring all the fly-tipped fridges in London back from the dead.Your local reprobates for the night will be:UKAEA (Extreme Ultimate/Pale Master



Aiming to leather it like a backstreet tanner after a day's worth of huffing fumes in the workshop, the cycle-king of the techno scene comes to Towards Collapse intent on ragging the shit out of it.TORN RELICS (Romek + Aimee Mullen)


Industrial gloom creeping up your spine, intent on reminding you that at some point recently you committed the worst of social faux pas. Torn Relics supply enough existential dread to get any party started.


FROST AND MALONE (Throne of Bael Records)

The sort of abstract improv electronics guaranteed to make your Mum question your music taste. Expect a freeform sonic assault the likes of which will put you in a right tiz.



Best noise girl makes a heckin bit of the old loud and moody. Described variously as the rudegirl of the ASMR world and London's best concrete mixer based musician, anything might happen.


MEDALLION MAN (Loose Lips/199Radio) Lips and 199 Radio head honcho bringing something a bit different from usual. I'm excited to see what he's gonna pull out the bag and you should be as well yeah!?


DJ BIN FETISH (Towards Collapse/VPA) Collapse's resident dickhead back once again with ideas above his station.


PRICE: £4.50 advance early bird / £5 on the door

Advance ticket and tape deal £8





SONS OF VILJEMSThe band comprises Nejc Haberman , bass player of the Slovenian ethno - jazz ensemble Jazoo and Andrea Giommi, composer, guitarist and bassist for psych - noise acts as The Emerald Leaves, Edible Woman and Leg Leg. Their music is based on the stark contrast of their individual musical styles, resulting in a mostly instrumental magmatic and fluid groovy ambient. Droney, melodic, repetitive, minimalistic and evocative, Sons of Viljems had so far only performed their music live; each concert they play is a unique experience. Their music celebrates the unsaid, the mystery of cultural encounters, where silence is as important as sound, the climax is reached through the physical interaction of two individualities. The best way to 'visualise' their sound is to imagine two bodies walking and disappearing on a densely foggy night, just like S.O.V. disappear inside their own music when performing it. SONS OF VILJEMS - 'TOUCH ME NOT' (video release)Their first piece ‘Touch me not’, a 8 minute nocturnal suite accompanied by a short film by director Bojan Brbora, whose very scenes are directly inspired by the music. FILIP SIJANEC & SHREYA RAIFilip Sijanec Composer is a film composer and jazz musician with a recently found love for live electronics. He will be joined by Shreya Rai, extremely talented, young singer/songwriter from Kathmandu.


13 NOV


MultiStorey presents:

Good Sad Happy Bad, Famous & For Breakfast

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